AMA "Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa, and Latin America"

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- AMA Back Issues 1971-2013

We have the stock of AMA from 1971 to 2013.We scanned all the back catalog of AMA,and have already made them to PDF.We wish to express our gratitude to a lot of people all over the world who cooperated in the edit. Thank you.



VOL.01 SPRING 1971 (114.2MB)
VOL.02 AUTUMN 1971 (129.1MB)

VOL.03 NO.1 SPRING 1972 (112.3MB)
VOL.03 NO.2 SUMMER 1972 (101.6MB)

VOL.04 NO.1 SPRING 1973 (124MB)
VOL.04 NO.2 AUTUMN 1973 (95.4MB)

VOL.05 NO.1 SUMMER 1974 (86.6MB)

VOL.06 NO.1 SPRING 1975 (83.3MB)
VOL.06 NO.2 AUTUMN 1975 (89.3MB)

VOL.07 NO.1 WINTER 1976 (58.5MB)
VOL.07 NO.2 SPRING 1976 (55.4MB)
VOL.07 NO.3 SUMMER 1976 (63.1MB)
VOL.07 NO.4 AUTUMN 1976 (69.2MB)

VOL.08 NO.1 WINTER 1977 (62.1MB)
VOL.08 NO.2 SPRING 1977 (67.3MB)
VOL.08 NO.3 SUMMER 1977 (75.7MB)
VOL.08 NO.4 AUTUMN 1977 (78.4MB)

VOL.09 NO.1 WINTER 1978 (75.1MB)
VOL.09 NO.2 SPRING 1978 (76MB)
VOL.09 NO.3 SUMMER 1978 (71.5MB)
VOL.09 NO.4 AUTUMN 1978 (72.6MB)

VOL.10 NO.1 WINTER 1979 (70.2MB)
VOL.10 NO.2 SPRING 1979 (70.6MB)
VOL.10 NO.3 SUMMER 1979 (73.4MB)
VOL.10 NO.4 AUTUMN 1979 (72.6MB)


VOL.11 NO.1 WINTER 1980 (81.4MB)
VOL.11 NO.2 SPRING 1980 (64.5MB)
VOL.11 NO.3 SUMMER 1980 (65.8MB)
VOL.11 NO.4 AUTUMN 1980 (70.8MB)

VOL.12 NO.1 WINTER 1981 (70.2MB)
VOL.12 NO.2 SPRING 1981 (69.1MB)
VOL.12 NO.3 SUMMER 1981 (58.7MB)
VOL.12 NO.4 AUTUMN 1981 (70.2MB)

VOL.13 NO.1 WINTER 1982 (68.4MB)
VOL.13 NO.2 SPRING 1982 (71.2MB)
VOL.13 NO.3 SUMMER 1982 (67.3MB)
VOL.13 NO.4 AUTUMN 1982 (66.4MB)

VOL.14 NO.1 WINTER 1983 (70MB)
VOL.14 NO.2 SPRING 1983 (68.1MB)
VOL.14 NO.3 SUMMER 1983 (69.5MB)
VOL.14 NO.4 AUTUMN 1983 (71.7MB)

VOL.15 NO.1 WINTER 1984 (72.9MB)
VOL.15 NO.2 SPRING 1984 (71.9MB)
VOL.15 NO.3 SUMMER 1984 (72.2MB)
VOL.15 NO.4 AUTUMN 1984 (69.4MB)

VOL.16 NO.1 WINTER 1985 (66.8MB)
VOL.16 NO.2 SPRING 1985 (65.6MB)
VOL.16 NO.3 SUMMER 1985 (71.1MB)
VOL.16 NO.4 AUTUMN 1985 (54.3MB)

VOL.17 NO.1 WINTER 1986 (68MB)
VOL.17 NO.2 SPRING 1986 (52.8MB)
VOL.17 NO.3 SUMMER 1986 (52.9MB)
VOL.17 NO.4 AUTUMN 1986 (49.2MB)

VOL.18 NO.1 WINTER 1987 (50.4MB)
VOL.18 NO.2 SPRING 1987 (49.7MB)
VOL.18 NO.3 SUMMER 1987 (51.2MB)
VOL.18 NO.4 AUTUMN 1987 (53.3MB)

VOL.19 NO.1 WINTER 1988 (47.6MB)
VOL.19 NO.2 SPRING 1988 (50.9MB)
VOL.19 NO.3 SUMMER 1988 (51.3MB)
VOL.19 NO.4 AUTUMN 1988 (47.9MB)

VOL.20 NO.1 WINTER 1989 (48.7MB)
VOL.20 NO.2 SPRING 1989 (50MB)
VOL.20 NO.3 SUMMER 1989 (47.6MB)
VOL.20 NO.4 AUTUMN 1989 (52.5MB)


VOL.21 NO.1 WINTER 1990 (78.3MB)
VOL.21 NO.2 SPRING 1990 (54MB)
VOL.21 NO.3 SUMMER 1990 (55.6MB)
VOL.21 NO.4 AUTUMN 1990 (52.9MB)

VOL.22 NO.1 WINTER 1991 (71.4MB)
VOL.22 NO.2 SPRING 1991 (58MB)
VOL.22 NO.3 SUMMER 1991 (57.3MB)
VOL.22 NO.4 AUTUMN 1991 (56.9MB)

VOL.23 NO.1 WINTER 1992 (70.9MB)
VOL.23 NO.2 SPRING 1992 (54MB)
VOL.23 NO.3 SUMMER 1992 (53.1MB)
VOL.23 NO.4 AUTUMN 1992 (56.6MB)

VOL.24 NO.1 WINTER 1993 (56.2MB)
VOL.24 NO.2 SPRING 1993 (53.1MB)
VOL.24 NO.3 SUMMER 1993 (51.9MB)
VOL.24 NO.4 AUTUMN 1993 (50.3MB)

VOL.25 NO.1 WINTER 1994 (58.9MB)
VOL.25 NO.2 SPRING 1994 (49.8MB)
VOL.25 NO.3 SUMMER 1994 (51.4MB)
VOL.25 NO.4 AUTUMN 1994 (51.7MB)

VOL.26 NO.1 WINTER 1995 (59.2MB)
VOL.26 NO.2 SPRING 1995 (52.1MB)
VOL.26 NO.3 SUMMER 1995 (51.9MB)
VOL.26 NO.4 AUTUMN 1995 (55.4MB)

VOL.27 NO.1 WINTER 1996 (64MB)
VOL.27 NO.2 SPRING 1996 (56.1MB)
VOL.27 NO.3 SUMMER 1996 (56MB)
VOL.27 NO.4 AUTUMN 1996 (55.4MB)

VOL.28 NO.1 WINTER 1997 (62.4MB)
VOL.28 NO.2 SPRING 1997 (54.8MB)
VOL.28 NO.3 SUMMER 1997 (54.6MB)
VOL.28 NO.4 AUTUMN 1997 (54.5MB)

VOL.29 NO.1 WINTER 1998 (60.4MB)
VOL.29 NO.2 SPRING 1998 (54.8MB)
VOL.29 NO.3 SUMMER 1998 (54.9MB)
VOL.29 NO.4 AUTUMN 1998 (53.6MB)

VOL.30 NO.1 WINTER 1999 (60.7MB)
VOL.30 NO.2 SPRING 1999 (51.2MB)
VOL.30 NO.3 SUMMER 1999 (53.2MB)
VOL.30 NO.4 AUTUMN 1999 (52.7MB)


VOL.31 NO.1 WINTER 2000 (57.6MB)
VOL.31 NO.2 SPRING 2000 (50.7MB)
VOL.31 NO.3 SUMMER 2000 (59.1MB)
VOL.31 NO.4 AUTUMN 2000 (56.8MB)

VOL.32 NO.1 WINTER 2001 (65.5MB)
VOL.32 NO.2 SPRING 2001 (59MB)
VOL.32 NO.3 SUMMER 2001 (57MB)
VOL.32 NO.4 AUTUMN 2001 (56.2MB)

VOL.33 NO.1 WINTER 2002 (64.4MB)
VOL.33 NO.2 SPRING 2002 (58.1MB)
VOL.33 NO.3 SUMMER 2002 (59.8MB)
VOL.33 NO.4 AUTUMN 2002 (59.8MB)

VOL.34 NO.1 WINTER 2003 (63.7MB)
VOL.34 NO.2 SPRING 2003 (58MB)
VOL.34 NO.3 SUMMER 2003 (58.9MB)
VOL.34 NO.4 AUTUMN 2003. (58.6MB)

VOL.35 NO.1 WINTER 2004 (64.5MB)
VOL.35 NO.2 SPRING 2004 (55.8MB)
VOL.36 NO.1 SPRING 2005 (3.5MB)
VOL.36 NO.2 AUTUMN 2005 (4.4MB)

VOL.37 NO.1 WINTER 2006 (5.5MB)
VOL.37 NO.2 SPRING 2006 (3.7MB)
VOL.37 NO.3 SUMMER 2006 (3.1MB)
VOL.37 NO.4 AUTUMN 2006 (3.1MB)

VOL.38 NO.1 WINTER 2007 (2.9MB)
VOL.38 NO.2 SPRING 2007 (3.2MB)
VOL.38 NO.3 SUMMER 2007 (3.4MB)
VOL.38 NO.4 AUTUMN 2007 (4.2MB)

VOL.39 NO.1 WINTER 2008 (3.3MB)
VOL.39 NO.2 SPRING 2008 (3.8MB)
VOL.39 NO.3 SUMMER 2008 (3.4MB)
VOL.39 NO.4 AUTUMN 2008 (4MB)

VOL.40 NO.1 WINTER 2009 (4.4MB)
VOL.40 NO.2 SPRING 2009 (4.3MB)
VOL.40 NO.3 SUMMER 2009 (4MB)
VOL.40 NO.4 AUTUMN 2009 (3.3MB)


VOL.41 NO.1 WINTER 2010 (3.7MB)
VOL.41 NO.2 SPRING 2010 (3.7MB)
VOL.41 NO.3 SUMMER 2010 (4.4MB)
VOL.41 NO.4 AUTUMN 2010 (3.6MB)

VOL.42 NO.1 WINTER 2011 (6.9MB)
VOL.42 NO.2 SPRING 2011 (6.2MB)
VOL.42 NO.3 SUMMER 2011 (6.2MB)
VOL.42 NO.4 AUTUMN 2011 (4.2MB)

VOL.43 NO.1 WINTER 2012 (4.9MB)
VOL.43 NO.2 SPRING 2012 (5.7MB)
VOL.43 NO.3 SUMMER 2012 (6.2MB)
VOL.43 NO.4 AUTUMN 2012 (6.6MB)

VOL.44 NO.1 WINTER 2013 (7.6MB)
VOL.44 NO.2 SPRING 2013 (5.7MB)
VOL.44 NO.3 SUMMER 2013 (7.5MB)
VOL.44 NO.4 AUTUMN 2013 (6.5MB)